Covidence updates
Covidence updates

Improved display of studified references





At Covidence we’ve created the term ‘studified’ to refer to references that have been grouped together because they are referring to the same study.

We understand how important your time is, so if you’ve studified your records externally we’ll make sure these are maintained. Let’s cheers to fewer references to screen!

This happens specifically if you’ve studified records using the ‘NS’ field in your RIS file.

If you import a studified reference, it will automatically be grouped together with its associated references, depending on where they already are in your review. In other words, the reference will be moved forward in your review without the need for you to screen it again.

We’ve also made some subtle changes to the way in which studified records will now be displayed. As you can see below, actions such as undoing votes, viewing history and viewing notes are all on a per study basis, as opposed to per reference.